Our Approach

We will take a “step by step” approach, embarking on a continuous stream of low risk projects, each aimed at delivering incremental improvement.

We will at all times and at every step do what we can to engage our community in developments and embrace the principles of community ownership, support and consensus.

Whale DreamingWe will try especially hard to inspire and motivate young people.

We will work hard to pay our own way as quickly as possible, minimising our reliance on public funds;

We will seek to stimulate the interest and involvement of third parties with compatible aims and objectives.

We will at all times respect and protect our natural environment

We will organise our activities to reflect the interests and ambitions of the community, being (in no particular order):

  • History and Heritage
  • Geography
  • Permaculture
  • Astronomy
  • Creative Arts
  • Ecology
We will not be selfish: the Gallan Head is a place for the world, not just the people who live here…… but we will do all we can to preserve the magic.



  • Congratulations on acquiring the land and your fabulous plans. Look forward to visiting you!
  • So much achieved by so few.
  • Amazing dedication and vision. Go from strength to strength.
  • So delighted for you all after all your hard work.
  • Love what you are doing.
  • Great project! Shame I’m so far away, but I hope to get to see it in person one day.
  • I look forward to coming to see it all on my next visit!
  • Wishing you good luck. I love the Uig area, but have never been onto Gallan Head.