Our Outcomes

1 A properly constituted community body GHCT has a strong and active board. Systems and processes are established; a business plan is produced.
2 A strengthened community The Trust enjoys very good community support. The community is energised. People communicate with each other, we hold occasional social events, we share a vision. There is improved integration between young and old,  and across different backgrounds
3 Links with neighbouring communities improved Aird is no longer so isolated from the wider community. We have transformed ourselves from a place that nobody wants to visit, into a progressive, positive community leading by example and making a full contribution to the area.
4 Broad base of Public Support After extensive media coverage and the development of a good internet presence, we have achieved support from a range of groups around the country. GHCT is building a brand.
5 A secret land shared We have opened the land to public access for the first time since 1951: a stunning landscape seen only by a privileged few. The land has been made safe for public access after MOD tenure.
6 Land reclaimed for agricultural use The land is being used for grazings .
7 Natural environment partly remediated Eyesores have been removed, turned greener; a brown field made greener.
8 Our heritage better understood Our research has revealed a fascinating heritage,  contemporary and cultural history, geographic, geological and archaeological features previously unknown.
9 Greater Creativity Artist and sculptors are inspired; ideas abound.
10 Local contractors employed Six contractors have earned revenue, enabling jobs to be retained and helping people to stay in the community.
11 Educational opportunities created We have organised talks and workshops on permaculture, astronomy, marine mammals, and heritage.
12 Local businesses supported Aird self-catering, cleaning, growing businesses and Uig retail and tourism businesses have already started o benefit.
13 New businesses started The Trust has attracted its first startup busness: catering for a new learning centre.
14 Materials recycled Waste materials from the MOD land ranging from timber to sheep manure have been re-used by the community.
15 Built environment improved We’ve had a community clear-up. Work is underway to create a good impression for visitors by converting a derelict building at the entrance to the village.