Pathway down to the Aird Bay
June 2018
At the end of two weeks hard work we had a BBQ to celebrate the new path down to the bay

Camas na h-Airde means bay of Aird

After three surveys it was clear that the pathway down to the bay needed to be built. Sponsored by the People’s Health Trust we where able to contract a local crew to build it.


This is a before picture taken on a really dry sunny day which as you know is not the norm for Lewis. The path was difficult to follow and usually very boggy towards the end. One had to maintain a hop from rock to rock strategy to make it all the way, which sadly limited the amount of people who could access the bay.

Path Crew

Special thanks to our path crew Iain Andrew Matheson, Richard Davies, Anna Graham and Ken Sullivan.

In memory of Martin Hayes

We had a drink and put a plaque on the first bench in memory of Martin Hayes, founder chairman of Gallan Head Community Trust, he loved this place.

Also thank you to everyone who dedicated there time and effort – it all made it possible

Video made by Richard Davies

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