The Seven Wonders of a Secret Land (in no particular order….)


1. Geography

The most north-westerly point of the UK, overlooking the fishing grounds of the beautiful Loch Roag: West to Greenland: North to the Faroe Islands, spectator to the journeys of the Norse and the Vikings, the migrations, the convoys, and the shipping routes of today. Some of the UK’s highest cliffs and biggest sea caves.

2.  Landscape

In a National Scenic Area, breath-taking views north to the Islands of Berisay, Old Hill, Pabbay, up the west coast of Lewis, across the Barvas moors, over the Uig and Harris Hills, down to St Kilda (on a clear day”!) and across to the Flannan Isles. “Amongst the finest scenery anywhere in Scotland”.

3. Dark Skies

There is no light pollution. On a clear night the milky way appears as a white stripe across the sky. A very good vantage point for the aurora borealis.

4. Contemporary History

100 years of surveillance through two world wars. An important part in the cold war and in operation through to 2010.

5. Heritage

The Norse occupation, early theologians, the greatest fisheries, evictions and migration, last stand of the Macleods of Lewis, prehistory settlers, archaeological mysteries, the missing lighthouse men; all happened here.

6. Marine wildlife

Whales including Orca, Pilot, Humpback, Minke; Basking Sharks; Sunfish and porpoises, dolphins and seals. FIsh shoals and many seabirds. Amongst the clearest and least polluted of UK waters.

7.  Weather

Anything can happen at any time – but you can see it coming! Wind speed in the January 2015 hurricane were estimated at 170mph. Waterfalls sometimes go uphill, sea spray crosses the